What are the benefits of this program?

Up to six pilot projects will each receive $50,000 in funding. The award will be distributed between the Host and Innovator, as jointly determined by the parties. Winners will receive pilot planning and implementation support, participation and promotion in major health events and conferences, public exposure, and networking opportunities. In addition, winners will gain access to subject matter experts, tools, and data that can help shepherd the pilot project. Please see prizes and perks here.

How is the ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge different from existing incubators and accelerators?

ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge is neither an incubator nor accelerator, but rather a program that focuses on the commercialization and dissemination of innovative health technologies. ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge seeks to connect a large number of early stage health technology companies with a diverse set of US-based healthcare organizations and stakeholders to support the creation of new pilot projects. These pilot projects may cover a range of focus areas and technology types that address the Affordable Care Act. The program offers funding, with no equity required for participation, to support technology development by the Innovator and offset the costs of support and implementation by the Host.  ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge works with or partners with the organizations mentioned above in an effort to support the healthcare technology ecosystem in the US.

Will there be an opportunity for winners to connect with each other after being selected?

Yes. We will try to connect winners with each other through live events and virtually. 

who owns the technology at the completion of the pilot project?

ONC or the government will not take any ownership of the intellectual property. It is up to the innovator and host to determine if their is any ownership change involved with the pilot. 

Application Process

Are any regulatory approvals, such as FDA or irb approval required prior to submitting to this challenge?

Regulatory approvals are not required prior to submitting to the challenge, but such approvals will most likely be required by host organizations upon initiation of the pilot project. We encourage teams to begin thinking about necessary approvals in advance since IRB processes often take longer than expected. 

If an innovator had two sepArate ideas and Partnered with two sepArate hosts, can the innovator submit two applications into one ONC focus area?

Innovators and hosts may submit more than one proposal, but we strongly suggest that you focus on one proposal. Additionally, innovators and hosts may not be involved in more than one pilot. Should an innovator have two proposals that scored highly enough to qualify as winners, the review panel would have the discretion to choose which is awarded.

What is expected of the demo video?

The demo video should show the technology in action to give the review panel a better understanding of what your tool is and how it works. The demo video does not need to be a full production and should not be a pitch of the product. 

is there an advantage to submitting the joint proposal application prior to the deadline?

There is no advantage or disadvantage to submitting the application earlier than the deadline. Reviewers will evaluate the proposals after all entries have been submitted. 

Can an innovator partner with a consortium of hosts?

Innovators are required to partner with a single host for the joint proposal application. However, the pilot may be executed with a consortium at the discretion of the host and innovator.

Is it possible for a host organization with many different sites or sub-entities, such as a large health care system or university health care network to receive more than one award if more than one proposal is submitted?

No, only one award will be award per host organization. We encourage hosts to identify one primary site when applying. 

Does it hurt the chances of a host to submit proposals with more than one innovator?

No, it does not hurt a host's chances to submit more than one application with different innovators.

Will feedback be provided to applicants even if they do not receive an award?

We hope to be able to provide feedback to as many of the applicants as possible. This will be dependent on the number of applications received.


I’m an early-stage company with a prototype looking for a host who can help me test the prototype with a consumer population. Will I be at a disadvantage if my proposed pilot project does not require technology integration and reflects a small budget?

Definitely not! We are looking for a diversity of Hosts, pilot types and scales. The pilot proposal will be evaluated on the budget and scale of the pilot, including efficiency, completeness and realism of the pilot's budget.

Whatis the minimum amount of patients, consumers or participants that should be enrolled in our pilot Project?

We recommend that pilot projects enroll at least 50 participants for their study. If you think you will only get close to that number, you can email and we'll work with you. 

will there be any implementation support provide?

Yes. The program organizers have a wide breadth of experience working with digital health technology pilots and will be offering support to the winners in the way of organizations and 1:1 support to ensure that pilots are successful. 

Can a pilot be implemented outside of the U.S?

No. The program is focused on implementation of projects within the U.S.

are technologies required to be integrated with the host's EHR/EMR system?

No, the program does not require that technologies be integrated with the Host's EHR/EMR system. 

does the technology need to be patient facing?

No, the technology does not need to be patient facing. If the technology is provider facing or intended for any user group, the pilot design should include enough users to make pilot results significant. 

how will completion of a pilot project be determined?

A pilot project is considered completed once all the milestones for the project have been met and all deliverables have been received by the program organizers. 

is there any obligation to complete the pilot project?

In the event that the host or innovator does not complete their pilot project in a satisfactory manner, it is possible that the second portion of the prize money will not be disbursed.

Is there a limit on the duration of the pilot project?

The pilot project must be completed within six months.