If I don't get selected during a matchmaking session, what should I do?

If you do not receive a match, we still encourage you to find a potential Host organization using your own network and submit a joint proposal by the March 2, 2015 deadline.

If I want to do a pilot project with more than one host or innovator, what should I do?

Both Hosts and Innovators are allowed to submit more than one pilot proposal with different partners. However, each pilot proposal submitted must be significantly different from one another in order to be eligible. For example, an Innovator cannot submit the same pilot proposal using all of the same products with several different Host organizations, and vice versa. Each joint proposal must be unique in its own way.

Can an innovator and host be the same entity?

The innovator and host must be two separate entities.

If a host is unable to attend any of the three live matchmaking events, are there any alternative ways to be connected with innovators?

If a host is unable to attend any of the 3 live matchmaking events, we may be able to facilitate virtual meetings to allow hosts to meet potential innovator partners.

Is it possible for an innovator to be matched with more than one host?

It is possible for innovators to be matched with different hosts and they will be able to apply with more than one hosts. However, it is encouraged for innovators to apply with only one host and both innovators and hosts are only eligible to be awarded for one proposal.

is there any obligation for the host or innovator to apply after attending a matchmaking session?

The matchmaking sessions are designed to help participants find potential pilot partners. If you find a match, there is no obligation to apply. Likewise, there is no obligation to apply if you attend a matchmaking session and do not find a host or innovator partner.

are potential matches with hosts limited to the city in which i attend a matchmaking session?

Hosts will be sent a list of potential innovator matches and meetings can either occur at one of the live sessions or virtually. Location does not limit your access to potential partners. It is also possible that hosts will attend multiple matchmaking events. 

is there a fee to attend matchmaking sessions?

There is no cost for innovators or hosts to attend matchmaking sessions. 

Is there a particular format that must be followed during the 15 minute meetings at the matchmaking sessions?

No, there is no particular format to be followed during the match-making sessions although we suggest a format which allows half the time be spent towards the innovator describing their company and what they can offer hosts, and the other half be spent allowing hosts to ask questions.