I am an innovator -- where do I find a host to pilot with?

If you are an early-stage healthcare technology company or Innovator, you can find a host by filling out the 'Find a Partner' form. Hosts will be match with companies that meet their needs. We'll then reach out to the companies that are selected by hosts for roundtable discussions at the matchmaking sessions.

If I find a host or innovator on my own, can I still apply?

Yes, you are not required to go through the matchmaking process through the ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge program. We encourage you to email us indicating your intent and require that you submit a joint Host/Innovator application in order to be eligible.

I already have an established partnership with a host for a pilot that is launching in 2015. Can I still apply?

Check with us by contacting 

Are innovator companies required to pilot with only the hosts listed on the website?

Absolutely not! As long as the Host meets the Host eligibility criteria, Innovator companies are welcome to apply with Hosts not listed on this website.

Will the review panel be released prior to the application deadline? Will the reviewers sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We will announce the reviewers on prior to the joint proposal application is due. We instruct reviewers to not disclose any information they come across during their review and declare any conflicts of interests that may arise prior to and during the review period. They will not be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

will priority be given to teams that have already created revenue?

No, all teams that are eligible will be reviewed in the same manner.

Is there opportunity for additional pilots with government organizations based on winning this challenge?

There is no formal mechanism linking this challenge to further government-related pilots.

Does application to this program preclude the innovator from applying to other federally funded programs?

Whether or not participation in a pilot through this Challenge affects participation in another federal funding program will depend on the policies of the other program.