I’m an employer and am interested in encouraging health and wellness in my employees. Am I eligible to be a host?

Yes, absolutely! Employers, universities, disease foundations, non-profits, other organizations that serve a patient or aggregate a consumer population, and are interested in piloting a healthcare technology that aligns with their goals to improve the health and well-being of their employees are welcome to contact us and learn how they can participate.

Who can apply to the ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge?

Any US - based pair of Innovator and Host can apply jointly to ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge for funding. The Host must be a foundation, university, or provider of healthcare or wellness services that serves enough consumers or patients to conduct a pilot study  and must be able to allocate resources to plan and implement the pilot project. The Innovator must have a readily available tech-based product focused on improving healthcare and fewer than 50 employees and less than $10M in funding. Only joint Host and Innovator applications will be accepted. Please see eligibility requirements here.

Can innovator companies based outside of the US apply to ONC Market R&D Pilot Challenge?

Entrants must be incorporated in and maintain a primary place of business in the United States.

can an innovator company apply with an existing Digital Health technology?

Innovators are allowed and encouraged to propose pilots for existing digital health technology for this challenge as long as the tool and company meet the eligibility criteria and the technology fits under one of the ONC priority areas.

Can an innovator company be a non-profit technology enterprise?

Yes. Innovators do not have to be a for-profit organization. 

Does the host or innovator need to be located in a specific state?

No. This competition is open to organizations and companies located in any of the 50 states of U.S.

Can a host - innovator team who already have a pilot in place apply?

No, we are looking specifically for new pilots, not seeking to find those that have already started.

Will a pre-revenue company qualify to apply?

Yes, as long as they have a product that is ready to test in a Host setting.

Can we extend existing research work we are doing with a host partner?

Pilots must be new projects that conform to the requirements of the challenge, but there is no restriction preventing them from being part of a larger research agenda.

Does the innovator need to have an actual D.B.A. or other business title? Can an innovator just build a team to pilot their technology without owning a business?

Innovators do not have to be an official business to enter the challenge.